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Graduate Admissions


In addition to the University's faculties, departments and institutes, there are several specialist institutions outside the University that accept graduate research students for the whole of their course of research. These are all approved by the University and are located in or near Cambridge, so that students can participate fully in the life of the University and the Colleges. Apart from a limited amount of teaching, you should be free to devote the whole of your working time to your approved course of research.

Applications are made in the normal way through the Board of Graduate Studies (BGS). Graduate students working in these institutions are registered through the most appropriate Degree Committee and abide by the same regulations as all other research students in the University.

Like all other research students of the University, you would be expected to:

  • attend course work in the University (as instructed by the Degree Committee concerned and the BGS)
  • take and pass a progress examination (as prescribed by the Degree Committee)
  • reside within the residence radius
  • pay the University Composition Fee (UCF)

If you are a student at one of these approved University Partner Institutions, your main supervisor might be a member of the institute's staff, in which case you might also have a second supervisor from a relevant University department. The main facilities for your research are those provided by the institute, but you will be entitled to use all the central University facilities, such as the libraries, Careers Service, Counselling Service etc. You will also be a member of a College and enjoy all the usual College benefits.

List of University Partner Institutes