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Graduate Admissions


This section includes a summary of each qualification type offered by the University.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the University's principal research degree for graduate students and is available in all faculties and departments.


Master of Philosophy (MPhil)


There are two types of MPhil on offer at Cambridge: the MPhil by Advanced Study, which includes a taught element, and the MPhil by Research, which is a research-only programme leading to a dissertation.

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Master of Research (MRes)


The Master of Research degree prepares prospective PhD candidates for doctoral research in a specific area; a programme of projects, seminars and lectures is offered in an area of research and can be tailored to help the student identify a specific PhD topic.

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Master of Advanced Study (MASt)


These are the equivalent of a fourth undergraduate year. Application procedures may vary: consult the appropriate departments for latest information.


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Master of Letters (MLitt)


The MLitt and MSc are research degrees requiring six full-time (or ten part-time) terms of research. Terms of research are normally consecutive, and, for full-time students, require residency in Cambridge. Not all departments offer part-time research degrees.


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Certificate of Postgraduate Study (CPGS)


The Certificate of Postgraduate Study is a research course requiring one year's full-time or five terms' part-time study in Cambridge. It is normally taken as the probationary year of a PhD. It is not usual for applicants to apply directly to this course.

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Master of Studies (MSt)


The MSt is a part-time master's degree, designed for individuals who are typically studying in addition to working full-time, allowing students to develop their professional and academic interests for career progression or diversification and personal development.

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Other Qualifications

Additionally, the following qualifications are also available for graduate study at the University of Cambridge; please check individual course entries for more details.

  • Advanced Diploma
  • Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Corporate Law
  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Doctor of Education
  • Master of Finance
  • Master of Law
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Music
  • Postgraduate Advanced Certificate
  • Postgraduate Award
  • Postgraduate Certificate
  • Postgraduate Diploma