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Graduate Admissions


Uploading Documents

You will be required to upload certain documents to support your application, for example copies of degree transcripts and certificates, a research proposal, or statement of interest.  The requirements will vary depending on the course you are applying for, so check the listing for the course you are applying to in the Course Directory to see which supporting documents are required.

Your referees will also be required to upload references to support your application.

How to upload documents

Documents must be uploaded via the Applicant Portal, and must be in pdf format, under 2MB and not encrypted. If you are having difficulty uploading a document it may be encrypted or too large, so try photo-copying it and uploading the copy instead.

Please note that if you send us hard-copies of documents before you have submitted your application, these will not be processed and will be disposed of.

When to upload documents

You will not be able to submit your application until you have uploaded the required supporting documents. You may submit your application without the transcripts or the references, but your application will not be considered until these documents have been provided, and it will be withdrawn when the course deadline has passed.

When do I need to provide my references?

Your referee will need to provide your reference via the referee portal.  These references must be provided before any course or funding deadline for your application to be considered.  You can track the submission of references via the applicant portal, and you should remind your referees if your references is not submitted (or request a new referee)

When do I need to provide transcripts?

You do not need to provide original transcripts until you are made an offer of admission, but you must upload any copies via the applicant portal before your application can be considered. If you do not upload copies of your transcripts then your application will be withdrawn.

What if I am applying for more than one course?

If you apply for more than one course you will need to upload your documents separately for each course.

Fraudulent Documentation

The Graduate Admissions Office checks all application material and submitted documentation for evidence of fraud. You may be asked to provide an original version of any document you have uploaded, as we will conduct checks on electronic documents received. If you submit fraudulent documentation at any stage in the admissions process, you will be notified accordingly and your application will be withdrawn.