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Graduate Admissions


Portal for applicants bringing a family

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Childcare Office

The University's Childcare Information Advisers, based at the Childcare Office, can help with all childcare queries relating to the University and to provision in Cambridgeshire. The office also produces an excellent online guide for student parents.

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Read more at: Accommodation Service

Accommodation Service

The Accommodation Service offers friendly and helpful advice on housing, and can help you to find suitable accommodation as well as provide information on living in Cambridge, including information on schools, banking, medical practices and other local facilities. Although many full-time graduate students are housed by their Colleges (either within the College grounds or in graduate hostels or flats), few Colleges can house all their student members, and there is strong demand for suitable private rented accommodation in Cambridge.

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Before you are admitted to study at the University of Cambridge, we require evidence of a minimum maintenance sum. The cost of living can be expensive in Cambridge and we are keen to prevent students falling into financial difficulty should they lack the funds to support themselves throughout the duration of the course.

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