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Graduate Admissions


Once you receive a conditional offer for a place on a course you will see, upon logging in to your Self-Service account, that the "College Membership" column in your details will initially contain "Seeking College membership". This message will remain until your first choice College (or, if you made an open application, the first College to which your application papers were sent) makes their decision.

If they do not accept you, the message will change to "Unsuccessful at [name of College], seeking College membership". If your second choice rejects your application, the same message will be displayed, with only the name of the College changed. Your application will then be passed on to other colleges determined by the computerised allocation process. Unfortunately, the system is not able to tell you which College is currently considering your application for membership.

This process can continue until up to five Colleges have considered your application but we guarantee that you will be accepted by one of them. When this has happened, the message will change to "Accepted at [name of College]".