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1 course offered in the Faculty of Architecture and History of Art

The Master of Studies (MSt) in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (IDBE) is a transformative part-time master’s course at the University of Cambridge, for global practitioners working in the built environment. The programme is structured around emerging trends, opportunities and challenges within the built environment such as: sustainability and resilience; health and well-being; energy efficiency; conservation and heritage; stakeholder engagement, and political and regulatory landscapes.

The learning approach is highly interactive and designed to encourage reflection and debate. Participants are supported by a team of expert tutors and supervisors. The speakers, lecturers and facilitators are leading experts and practitioners from both academia and industry.  A key feature of the programme is the collaborative learning experience. The programme facilitates shared learning between peers, and networking with the extensive range of contributors, together providing a rich learning environment.


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From the Department of Architecture

The Master of Studies (MSt) in Building History is an academically rigorous yet practical course aiming to equip students for careers in historic building investigation, research, recording, assessment, management and interpretation. The MSt in Building History draws on expertise in both the academic and the professional spheres.

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