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Graduate Admissions


Do not submit materials unless you are specifically asked to do so; the department will not use them when assessing your application unless they are required. Submitting unnecessary documentation may delay the consideration of your application.

If you apply for more than one course you will need to provide your documents separately for each course. You must provide these documents by uploading them to your self-service account.

Uploading Documents

Documents must be uploaded to your Self-Service account, and must be in pdf format. You must provide all supporting documents within seven days of submitting your application form or your application may be withdrawn.

Fraudulent Documentation.

The Graduate Admissions Office checks application forms and submitted documentation for evidence of fraud. You may be asked to provide an original version of any document you have uploaded, as we will conduct checks on electronic documents received. If you submit fraudulent documentation at any stage in the admissions process, you will be notified accordingly and your application will be withdrawn.

What documents are required for my course?