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Graduate Admissions


This year's Cambridge French Graduate Conference will be held on 5 and 6 May 2017, at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge.

Keynote Speakers: Rosi Braidotti, Martin Crowley
The conference will close with a performance by French philosopher and comedian, Yves Cusset.

The conference theme for 2017 is "#NousSommes".

#NousSommes has found its place in the idiom of the digital world. This formulation is one that that has been frequently deployed in response to recent terrorist attacks, from #JeSuisCharlie to #WeAreOrlando. Social media has become a vehicle for collective response to traumatic events.

This raises questions about the efficacy of collective response and solidarity in our contemporary world. Beyond these particular contexts, however, #NousSommes gestures towards much deeper questions about community, political action, technology and our own relation as academics to the public and the digital. It combines fundamental questions about belonging, representation, modernity and otherness. These are urgent and vital questions; particularly in a global political environment in which the meaning of "Nous" has taken on and continues to take on an ever greater political charge.

The Cambridge French Graduate Conference will bring these issues together in an interdisciplinary and international context. The conference organisers encourage proposals for papers of 250-350 words, to be sent to no later than 5 March 2017. Please include author's name, institutional affiliation (if applicable), and contact information. Papers are accepted in both English and French, and should not exceed 20 minutes. The conference is particularly aimed at doctoral students and those who have recently been awarded doctorates. One of the aims of this conference is to offer a space in which to bridge disciplinary discussions on these issues, as such, papers are welcome from a wide variety of disciplines. Following the conference, a selection of the papers will be brought together in a publication.