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Graduate Admissions


Only YOU can apply for an ATAS certificate – the University cannot apply on your behalf.

You will need to apply for your ATAS before you apply for a visa or entry clearance to the UK.

There is no charge for applying for an ATAS certificate.

To apply, you will need to complete and submit an online form, which can be found on the website of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The details you will be asked to provide include:

  • CAH code: The CAH code for the course. This can be checked on your offer letter.
  • Type of Study: You will need to tick 'Taught' or 'Research'. This can be checked on your offer letter
  • Student/applicant ID: Please enter your eight-digit application number beginning 10... and not your student ID number/USN.
  • Statement of research: You will be asked to enter a statement summarising your research (or core modules, for a taught MPhil), which has been agreed with your department.

IMPORTANT: You should NOT write the statement of research yourself.

The statement will be viewable in your self-service account via the 'UK Immigration' link as soon as the department has provided it. In some cases, this will occur at the same time as or before your conditional offer is made.

If you believe that you require an ATAS certificate and the ATAS statement of research is not in your self-service please contact your department (not the Graduate Admissions Office).

  • Personal Statement of Purpose: The ATAS online form will also ask you to summarise why you are interested in the course subject you have chosen, and your future plans. All applicants will need to complete this section. If you will be doing an MPhil that contains taught modules, please ensure that you include in this section your intentions regarding the optional modules you will take, and the research project you will undertake. This does NOT commit you to taking those modules or carrying out that research project – it is simply an indication of your intentions at the time of writing. Please see departmental websites for information on course modules.
  • Referees: You will be asked to provide the name and contact details for two referees to support your ATAS application.

What are the details required for an ATAS?