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Graduate Admissions


The Applicant Portal enforces limits on the number of characters, rather than words, which are allowed for your answers to the following questions:

Field in online form Character limit (including spaces)
Research Summary (Research)* 1500
Research Experience (Research) 1500
Reasons for applying/statement of interest (Other Information) 1500
Career Goals (Other Information) 1000
Additional information to support application (Other Information) 1000
Funding opportunities identified (Funding Application) 1000
Gates Cambridge Personal Statement (Funding Application) 3000
Required adjustments (Adjustments) 1000

* The research proposal field in the online form is separate from a more detailed research proposal supporting document you may be required to uploaded, after applying, the length of which will vary depending on the course.

Check character count

If your word processor or text editor does not count characters, or excludes spaces from its count, you can paste your answers into the text box below to check your text using the same word-count as the online application form.