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Graduate Admissions


If you have made an application to start in October, we strongly recommend that you meet your offer conditions by 31 July. If this is not possible, you should try to meet the conditions as soon as possible after this date. The earlier you meet your conditions, the better, to allow for time to make accommodation and visa arrangements, if required.

If your current course finishes after 31 July and the condition we have set requires that you complete your degree, you should ask the Registrar of your university to send us a formal letter (signed, and on headed paper) at the earliest possible date, stating that all three of the following conditions have been met:

a) you have completed all work in relation to your current studies
b) you have submitted your thesis (or that no thesis is required for your course)
c) you have no outstanding financial obligations to your current institution

Please note that a letter giving a future date when the thesis will be submitted will not be sufficient to satisfy the condition.

If the condition we have set requires that you achieve a particular standard in your Masters (including a Pass) and you will not have confirmation of the result before 31 July, please email the Graduate Admissions Office to inform us of your situation.