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Graduate Admissions


We recognise that naming customs across the world vary. However, the University holds your names in a set format, which is the same as that used by UK Visas and Immigration.

Also, the application form accepts only a limited character set, so accented characters and other diacritics must be converted.

To help you enter your names in the required format, listed below are a number of examples:

Example full name Where and how to enter the names in the application form
First Name Other Name Last Name
Juan De la Cruz Gómez Juan   De la Cruz Gomez
Thomas Ralph Edwin Scott Thomas Ralph Edwin Scott
Sārah Reza Ur Rahim Sarah   Reza Ur Rahim
Chia Benny Choon Ming Benny Choon Ming Chia
Yeo Wei Ming
(Yang Wenbin)*
Wei Ming Yeo

* The system does not allow you to enter alternative names (as in the last example.) Therefore, please do not try to enter these additional names here.