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Graduate Admissions


If another College has offered you a full scholarship, or substantial funding, you should contact the Senior Tutor or Graduate Tutor of the College that originally accepted you, to discuss your options. Please do not contact other Colleges directly.

Transferring College mid-course is not normally possible, unless in exceptional circumstances.

Changing Colleges between courses that require separate applications (such as between Masters and PhD) is not uncommon. Tutors at your existing College may offer help and information, but will not normally be involved in seeking a new College.

If you wish to apply to another College for a new course, you should do so independently through the Graduate Admissions process as a completely new application, noting any advice on the website of the College to which you intend to apply.

If you are applying to another College for any reason (eg to be eligible for College-specific funding), but would like to be considered by your original College if you are unsuccessful, you must include your original College as your second choice. If you do not, you may be allocated to another College, with no grounds for requesting a transfer.

Guidance on College preferences is provided on the Applicant Portal.