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Graduate Admissions


The University of Cambridge welcomes applications from disabled students including those with a specific learning difficulty or a long-term health condition (including mental health difficulties) and considers them on the same academic grounds as all other candidates.

Your application will not be adversely affected by declaring a disability, and it will be processed in exactly the same way as any other application.

Disclosing your Disability

If you have a disability, specific learning difficulty or long-term health condition, you are encouraged to disclose this in your application. The Equal Opportunity section of the application form collects basic information on your disability, if you wish to provide further information you may do so in the same section.

This information is circulated to departments and Colleges along with the rest of your application, but will not negatively impact the academic decision on whether to make an offer of admission, or to make an offer of College membership.

The information is used to inform the departments and Colleges so that any reasonable adjustments can be made, eg by the Colleges, in the event that the department wishes to organise an interview, or if you have specific requirements which might need to be taken into account during your studies or examinations.

Other things you may need to consider before applying include:

  • funding arrangements for equipment and assistance
  • personal assistance/non-medical helper requirements
  • examination allowances
  • accommodation access requirements

If you are made an offer of admission

If you are made an offer of admission and you have disclosed a disability, specific learning difficulty or long-term health condition, your application information will be sent to the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) who will contact you by email to discuss your particular requirements and offer advice on, for example, access to departments, or transport options. It is important that you respond to the DRC as early as possible. If you did not disclose your disability in your application we would encourage you to contact the DRC as soon as possible if you are made an offer of admission.

The staff of the DRC can advise on helping students to access a range of support provisions including study skills support, specific examination/assessment arrangements and support for non-medical assistants such as proofreaders, library help etc.

A flowchart summarising the communication of information on your disability after an offer of admission has been made can be found on the sidebar.