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Course closed:

Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies is no longer accepting new applications.

The MPhil in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies enriched my worldview in ways I never could have anticipated. Every morning I came to class eager to learn from the profound insights of our lecturers and the stimulating discussions facilitated in our seminars.  The faculty members of the Centre for Gender Studies were incredibly devoted to our intellectual growth, and dedicated so much of their time to helping us refine our projects.

I am proud to be an alumna of the MPhil in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies and I know that the lessons from the course will serve my classmates and I for many years to come in any fields that we choose to enter.  I am grateful for the rigor of our courses, the trailblazing leadership and commitment of our faculty members, and the warm community of my classmates.

Emma Goldberg (September 2017)

Having spent a considerable amount of time on the field, documenting stories of sexual violence in India, I often grappled to establish a more critical perspective. The MPhil in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies programme perfectly filled this void by enabling me to theorise my practical insights. The most rewarding part of the programme was to listen first-hand to academic stalwarts, whose work I had previously savoured only through research journals and books.

Reetika Subramanian (September 2017)

For me, the MPhil in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies has been the most intellectually rewarding experience yet. The course broadened the scope of my thinking, expanded my knowledge beyond expectations, and enabled me to tackle intersecting questions of gender with confidence and a stable reserve of knowledge in a multitude of areas. In addition to the opportunity of being exposed to various different perspectives on the relevance of gender to all disciplines through the text seminars, I have truly enjoyed having ample time and strong support to focus on my research interests and thesis.

The faculty facilitated the creation of an intellectual environment that encouraged constant progress and challenge wherein critical and independent thought, and creativity was supported and expected. Functioning together, such an environment and the structure of the curriculum and the programme, in combination with the fantastic support received from the supervisors, the course is an excellent preparatory step for those who would like to continue on to a PhD and for the initial exploration of project ideas, or for those who would like to partake in a stimulating and empowering education.

Akos Erzse (September 2016)

Key Information

9 months full-time

Master of Philosophy

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Sept. 2, 2019
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Jan. 7, 2020
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Oct. 1, 2020

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