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Graduate Admissions

Course closed:

Education (Arts, Creativity & Education) is no longer accepting new applications.

This thematic route provides an interdisciplinary exploration of contemporary arts education and cultural debates in the UK and abroad. It includes contributions from specialists in a range of disciplines, including performing arts, drama, theatre, music, visual art, design and technology. 

The course features three modules. The first module investigates the nature and value of the arts, as well as how and why the arts should be considered educative. The second module examines the role of the arts and artists in society and the relationship of the state to the arts. The third module engages with diverse conceptualizations of creativity and their implications for both arts and education. 

The course is assessed through two essays and a thesis, each oriented around students’ interests: 

  • a critical discussion of a key issue in arts, creativity, and education; 
  • an analysis of a peer-reviewed research paper; and
  • a 20,000 word thesis based upon research carried out by the student.

This course recognises that artistic practices can serve as an essential research tool in our respective fields and therefore makes available studio and performance facilities.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, students will have:

  • a comprehensive understanding of research techniques, and a thorough knowledge of the literature applicable to their specific educational domain;
  • demonstrated originality in the application of knowledge, together with a practical understanding of how research and enquiry are used to create and interpret knowledge in their field;
  • shown abilities in the critical evaluation of current research and research techniques and methodologies; and
  • demonstrated self-direction and originality in tackling and solving problems, and acted autonomously in the planning and implementation of research.


Students wishing to continue from the MPhil to PhD or EdD are required to achieve a mark of 70 or higher for the thesis.

Key Information

10 months full-time

Master of Philosophy

Faculty of Education


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Dates and deadlines:

Applications open
Sept. 3, 2018
Application deadline
Feb. 28, 2019
Course Starts
Oct. 1, 2019

Some courses can close early. See the Deadlines page for guidance on when to apply.

Graduate Funding Competition
Dec. 5, 2018
Gates Cambridge US round only
Oct. 10, 2018

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