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Graduate Admissions

1 course offered in the Babraham Institute

We run a comprehensive graduate programme to ensure that our students are able to gain a wide range of experience. At the end of their studentship, Babraham students have been trained in a variety of state-of-the-art techniques at the frontiers of modern molecular biology. They also receive training in a wide range of transferable skills, including intellectual property and exploitation of knowledge for wealth creation and improvement to the quality of life. They also know how to organise their laboratory and research programme.

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2 courses also advertised in the Babraham Institute

From the Department of Plant Sciences

This four-year programme provides excellent postgraduate training, addressing the need for trained scientists in strategically important research areas and skills. The DTP programme has four separate research themes addressing the strategic research priorities of BBSRC:

The research topics included in the Cambridge DTP are aimed at improving understanding of basic biological mechanisms, from the study of biological molecules, to cellular and physiological processes, including genetic and genomic approaches. There is an emphasis on multidisciplinary research interfacing with physical sciences and engineering. Biologists learn mathematical and computational methodologies to address biological questions and the programme may interest mathematicians interested in applying their knowledge to biological problems. A major goal of our training programme is to allow the flow of ideas, skills and key capabilities to provide mutual benefit in supporting the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in the UK.

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From the Department of Medicine

The Cambridge MRC Doctoral Training Programme  is a partnership between the University of Cambridge and the Babraham Institute. Included as associate partners are the MRC institutes and units in Cambridge, and other University Partner Institutes.

The Programme is offering at least ten fully funded PhD studentships for projects commencing in October 2019.

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Department Members

Professor Michael Wakelam
Head of Department

  • 30 Academic Staff
  • 100 Postdoctoral Researchers
  • 65 Graduate Students

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