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Graduate Admissions


For information on applying, please see How Do I Apply?

Q. How do I make an application to Cambridge?

Applications can be submitted either via an online form or on paper. Your choice of method will not affect the selection process. However the latter is slower and we have to charge a higher application fee to cover additonal adminstrative costs.

Please note that this website deals with applications for graduate study only. If you have found this page from a search engine, and wish to apply for an undergraduate course at the University of Cambridge, see the Undergraduate Study website.

Q. What is the admissions process?

The application process is described in the How Do I Apply? section of the website.

After you have submitted your application and uploaded all the necessary supporting documents the admissions process begins.

Please read our pages on how the selection process works and who is involved, timescales for decisions and how offers are made and conditions need to be met.

Q. What is the word limit for answering questions on the Applicant Portal?

The Applicant Portal enforces limits on the number of characters, rather than words, which are allowed for your answers to the following questions:

Field in online form Character limit (including spaces)
Research Summary (Research)* 1500
Research Experience (Research) 1500
Reasons for applying/statement of interest (Other Information) 1500
Career Goals (Other Information) 1000
Additional information to support application (Other Information) 1000
Funding opportunities identified (Funding Application) 1000
Gates Cambridge Personal Statement (Funding Application) 3000
Required adjustments (Adjustments) 1000

* The research proposal field in the online form is separate from a more detailed research proposal supporting document you may be required to uploaded, after applying, the length of which will vary depending on the course.

Check character count

If your word processor or text editor does not count characters, or excludes spaces from its count, you can paste your answers into the text box below to check your text using the same word-count as the online application form.

Q. Is there an application fee?

Online applications are subject to a (GBP Sterling) £50 application charge. Paper applications are subject to a £100 application charge.

See the Terms and Conditions of the Application Fee for more information.

Q. Can the application fee be waived in special cases?

There is no waiver for the application fee. If you require further information about the application fee, please go to our application fee page.

For details on how to apply for a refund of the application fee see the terms and conditions.

Q. How should I fill in the Legal Name section of the application form?

We recognise that naming customs across the world vary. However, the University holds your names in a set format, which is the same as that used by UK Visas and Immigration.

Also, the application form accepts only a limited character set, so accented characters and other diacritics must be converted.

To help you enter your names in the required format, listed below are a number of examples:

Example full nameExample full name
Where and how to enter the names in the application formWhere and how to enter the names in the application form

Example full nameFirst Name
Where and how to enter the names in the application formOther Name
First NameLast Name

Example full nameJuan De la Cruz Gómez
Where and how to enter the names in the application formJuan
First Name 
Other NameDe la Cruz Gomez

Example full nameThomas Ralph Edwin Scott
Where and how to enter the names in the application formThomas
First NameRalph Edwin
Other NameScott

Example full nameSārah Reza Ur Rahim
Where and how to enter the names in the application formSarah
First Name 
Other NameReza Ur Rahim

Example full nameChia Benny Choon Ming
Where and how to enter the names in the application formBenny
First NameChoon Ming
Other NameChia

Example full nameYeo Wei Ming
(Yang Wenbin)*
Where and how to enter the names in the application formWei
First NameMing
Other NameYeo

* The system does not allow you to enter alternative names (as in the last example.) Therefore, please do not try to enter these additional names here.

Q. I want to apply on paper. What payment methods are accepted?

We can accept an international money order, banker's draft or cheque. These must be made payable to the 'University of Cambridge', drawn on a UK bank account (your bank will be able to give you information regarding this if you are overseas) and in GB Sterling. We regret that we are unable to accept payment in cash or foreign currency.

Please ensure that your name, date of birth and course applied for are written on the back of your payment.

Q. Can I start an application one day and come back to it another day?

Yes. We recommend you begin your application as early as possible. Your unsubmitted application will only be deleted once the closing date for the course has passed.

Q. Can I obtain a copy of my application form?

It is only possible to download a copy of your application form before you submit it. To do so, click the "Print Application" button at the bottom of the final page, before clicking "Review and Submit". If your web browser blocks popups you will need to allow this for the "" website. A PDF copy of your application form will be displayed. Save this to keep a copy.

If you did not save your application form using the above method, and later find that you need to submit a copy when applying for funding, please use our contact form to request that we send you a copy. For College scholarships, we can forward a copy on your behalf.

Q. Will I have to travel to Cambridge for an interview?

Most departments or faculties will wish to interview you if your application is accepted to the next stage in the admissions process. Some studentships and scholarships will also invite shortlisted candidates for interviews.

However, most interviews will be conducted via video conferencing or telephone.

Q. My course will involve contact with vulnerable groups. What checks will be required?

The department responsible for your course will determine whether to a check from the Disclosure and Barring Service will be required as a condition of your offer. Please see the DBS Checks page for details.