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Graduate Admissions


Please read this section if you are currently, or have previously been, a graduate student at the University of Cambridge.

Information on this page is additional information for students who have applied for admission as a Continuing Student.

Self-Service Account and Tracking Your Application

You can track the progress of your application to continue online, through your self-service account. Applicants seeking re-admission to the University, that is those who previously studied at Cambridge, but are not currently studying at the University, can obtain access to a self-service account by contacting the Graduate Continuation team.

Please note that it is not possible to provide this facility to previous graduate students who commenced their study prior to October 2005. If this applies to you, please liaise with the Graduate Continuation team.

Academic Conditions

Please note that the academic condition for continuation set by your Degree Committee is almost always higher than a 'pass' in the examination of your current course. A pass in the examination, therefore, may not necessarily be sufficient to satisfy the academic condition.

Continuers currently studying at Cambridge

If you are currently studying at Cambridge, the Board of Graduate Studies will complete your academic condition when the Degree Committee has communicated to the Board that you have met the requirements in your academic condition. You do not need to provide the Board with evidence of your results, and if you do we will be unable to complete the academic condition without the Degree Committee's approval. The date of the Degree Committee meetings are often later than the date required to meet all your offer conditions and the Board is aware of this.

Continuers studying at another institution

If you are currently studying at another institution, please provide/upload an official final transcript or degree certificate, showing that the degree has been awarded and the grade obtained, if relevant.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding your application to continue, please contact the Graduate Continuation team by email:

Continuer Portal

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